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Hunting  And Shooting DVDs

We are the largest producer of hunting DVDs in the world, and have been since 1984. When you purchase a Sportsmen on Film DVD, you are purchasing a quality product. Please click on the "Hunting DVDs" button to the left to view covers and descriptions of each title. To place your order, please click on "DVD Order Form."

About Shunneson & Wilson Adventures

Shunneson & Wilson

Lad Shunneson has exhibited at SCI and numerous other conventions for over 30 years; Ken Wilson for over 25 years. Starting in 2012, they combined their worldwide booking businesses and exhibit together at SCI, Dallas, GSCO, and WSF. Count on their experience to get you the most out of your hunting and fishing adventures. Lad has shot over 600 trophy big game animals in a lifetime of hunting... not bad for a guy who accompanies clients fishing six months each year! Ken was awarded the World Hunting Award Ring in 2008 by SCI and the Triple Slam in 2012 by GSCO.

Uganda Safaris

Please click on this button, to the left, in order to review the hunting offered in "The Pearl of Africa" by Uganda Wildlife Safaris, Ltd. 2010 was the first full-bag season in about 35 years. Ken Wilson toured and hunted Uganda throughout March 2010 and produced the DVD titled "Safari to Uganda."

Cameroon Safaris

Please click on this button, to the left, in order to review the hunting offered by Faro East in the northern Cameroon savannah. Ken Wilson hunted with this outfitter for his Lord Derby Eland, Western Savannah Buffalo and plains game. Also available are Western Roan and numerous other species. Faro East is 100% on Lord Derby Eland year-after year..

C.A.R. Safaris

Shunneson & Wilson is fortunate to represent two first class, non-competing outfitters in the Central African Republic. The premier species hunted with CAWA are Bongo, Lord Derby Eland, Giant Forest Hog, Central African Savannah Buffalo, Western Roan, Yellow-Back Duiker and many more. The premier species available with Red Buffalo Safaris are Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Forest Sitatunga, Bongo, Yellow-Back Duiker and many more.

Capra/Ovis/Europe Hunts

Please click on this button to the left to review our offerings of ibex/goat hunts, sheep hunts, and other European hunts booked with Jagdkontor (which means "hunting company" in German). Ken Wilson has hunted in several European countries with and through Jagdkontor. See the DVD titled "Hunting Croatia, Romania, and Greece."

Iran Safaris

Iran is now open to American hunters, which is great news because you can hunt 8 species of sheep (Armenian Mouflon, Red Sheep, Trans Caspian Urial, Esfahan Mouflon, Kerman Sheep, Shiraz Sheep, Afghan Urial and Laristan Sheep) plus 2 species of Ibex (Bezoar and Persian Desert) as well as Persian Goitered Gazelle and huge Wild Boar. Ken Wilson represents Jasmin Safaris, one of only three licensed outfitters in Iran. Click on the button to the left for complete information or call Ken at 830-792-4200 or 800-910-4868.

Unique Hunts Worldwide

Please click on this button, to the left, in order to review the 3 hunting options in Azerbaijan, Greece and New Caledonia.

Hunting Books

Ken Wilson, President of Sportsmen on Film, is the author of "Sport Hunting on Six Continents." This book has over 300 photos and over 300 pages detailing Ken's worldwide hunting experiences and includes six chapters on his hunts and friendship with Peter Capstick.

Sportsmen on Film is the publisher of the signed and numbered limited edition of "International Hunter" by Bert Klineburger (which is sold out but Trade Edition copies are available). Bert, the world's preeminent international hunter, has hunted in more countries than any other hunter. His incredible adventures are chronicled in 400 pages with over 400 photos.

Please click on the "Hunting Books" button to the left to view book covers and descriptions of each book. And click on "Book Order Form" to order.

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